As part of our new website I’m excited to be able to share my favorite ideas, tips and recipes for enjoying our delicious acorn-fed pork with all of you. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that I’m not a chef, I’m just your average home cook who has a tremendous passion for local, seasonal, delicious food and an aversion to waste! Therefore, you’ll see that my meals are often inspired first and foremost by our pork, of course, but also by what I got at the farmer’s market that week, what’s growing in my garden, or what’s leftover in my fridge. The best thing about my cooking is that I’m not opposed to take risks and the worst thing about my cooking is that I’m not opposed to take risks! I’m a big fan of substituting or tweaking in recipes in order to make them work with what I have so I don’t have to buy lot of new items for one dinner. This leads to some incredible and unexpected home runs, but occasionally it leads to meals that are only OK, but that’s a risk I’m certainly willing to take. So far, I’ve never had a disaster that leads to a meal in the trash – I aim to keep it that way! If you’re someone who really likes sticking to detailed recipes, I always try to link to the ones that I use for inspiration, so that you can follow them step-by-step yourself or you can follow along on some of my changes and experimentation. Either way I hope this blog provides you with some inspiration and motivation to break out those pots and pans and cook some meals at home – I think you’ll be happy you did. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions about anything you see on here. Enjoy!

Walden Hill Acorn Pork Grilled Ham Steak