Our heritage hogs are thoughtfully raised for the sophisticated palate. Acorn-finished pork, a centuries-old European tradition, not only has exquisite taste but also helps rejuvenate a broken food system. By utilizing an abundant natural resource, we have created a nutrient-rich diet prioritizing animal and environmental welfare.


From chops to ribs, roasts to steaks, our Acorn Pork is flavorful, tender, and delicious. We promote nose-to-tail, no-waste butchery, so if there’s a cut you want, we’ll help you get it. And we are committed to helping you discover how to enjoy every cut. Fortunately, Acorn Pork is easy to cook as its incredible flavor speaks for itself!


There’s more to a pig than bacon – but who doesn’t love bacon?! Or Bacorn as we call our Acorn Pork bacon! But belly isn’t the only Acorn Pork cut we’re smoking. We also have British Bacorn, smoke hams, jowls, hocks and more. And because of the incredible nutty flavor of Acorn Pork fat, the sausages from it are the best we’ve ever had. We can’t wait for you to try for yourself!


Spanish acorn-fed dry cured hams are known for their incredible flavor and melt in your mouth texture, so we couldn’t be more excited to create dry cured products from Walden Hill Acorn Pork. Currently, we produce both a mild and spicy soppressata style salumi that you can purchase today! And several of our partners produce salami and prosciutto from our pork. It takes time, however, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when and where products become available. We are also working on producing more of these products for sale, so keep checking back!


Whether you want a whole hog for a restaurant, salami for a cheese shop or retail sausages for a grocery store, please get in touch. We have a variety of wholesale options available for delivery to many locations across New England. We provide a compelling local story to connect with customers and our products are sure to keep them coming back for more!


We are pleased to be able to offer our charcuterie products for nationwide shipping. These products are dry-cured and stable enough to handle the transportation. For those customers located closer to us, we are able to coordinate home delivery of our fresh and smoked products to many locations throughout New England. Shop now to see what’s available.