At Walden Hill, we have a food vision for New England that puts our forests, farms, animals, and people first. By utilizing our abundant resources, we help support a better social, economic, and environmental landscape for the region.


Walden Hill is a New England based company striving to to build a better future for the place we call home and the people who live in it. We are working with the land that we know best to deliver products that help our local ecosystem thrive. Our relationships with the animals, environment, and people are important to us, which is why we make sure we understand our product starting from forest to farm to table.


We are committed to a future of family farming done right. And by utilizing acorns, high in healthy omega-3 fats, we keep our pigs happy and healthy while utilizing an abundant local resource. We only raise heritage breed hogs, never use hormones or antibiotics and use humane certified slaughterhouses to ensure we are supporting the best possible livestock industry. These are just a few examples of how we are putting the big picture first.


Acorn-fed pork, a delicacy traditionally from the southwest region of Spain, has now found its home in New England. The result is exquisite – premium pork that has a rich nuttiness with a deep savory flavor. Whether fresh or dry cured, its unique profile and incredible tenderness will not disappoint. We attribute the excellence to our heritage breed hogs and a not so “secret” feeding regimen.