Walden Hill Acorn Pork Sausage on a Boat Grill                             Walden Hill Acorn Pork Chops on the Grill

Many great summer meals can be done quickly and easily on the grill and the best ones use Walden Hill Pork! Grilling our sausage or ham steak with your favorite veggies makes cooking a whole meal a pinch. And our pork chops have so much flavor that all you have to do is dust them with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil and put them on the grill. But there is so much more that you can do with delicious pork and a grill. Use ground pork to make pork burgers, get a nice char on cutlets to make tacos, or slowly cook tenderloin with a delicious jerk rub. And if you’re ready to take your grilling to the next level, you can try starting your rib roast on the grill, or slow cooking a pork shoulder over indirect heat, and nothing beats pork ribs slowly cooked on the grill!

Walden Hill Grilled Acorn Pork Chops                             Walden Hill Acorn Pork Grilled Sausage and Vegtables