Walden Hill Partner New Morning Market

If you haven’t heard of New Morning Market in Woodbury, CT, you’re missing out! Not only is it an incredible grocery store, but it is also run by wonderful people who share our commitment to local and sustainable food in New England. Since John Pittari, Jr. founded New Morning in 1971, he has operated the store with a vision, mission and hope to promote and contribute to the wellness of all who share the Earth. It is a great example of not only the type of grocery store we love working with, but also the type of business we use as a model for Walden Hill. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend stopping by for a bite to eat, a few groceries, and of course some Walden Hill Acorn-Fed Pork! We deliver whole pigs to their butchers, so they not only have all the standard cuts, but if you have special butchering requests, they can also help you with them. And they carry a wide selection of our smoked products, salami, and sausages. Call today to place an order for your crown roast, rack of ribs, or whatever you need!