We are happy to now be able to provide our customers with Acorn Pork Bacon or Bacorn as we like to call it! Bacorn is belly that has been smoked and is available either cured (with nitrates) or uncured (without nitrates or nitrites added). The cured Bacorn is a more traditional bacon that packs a flavor punch. The uncured Bacorn is all natural and low sodium, so to bring out its delicious, yet more subtle flavor, we recommend adding just a pinch of salt while cooking. With either kind, it can also be fun to experiment by adding additional seasonings like maple syrup, brown sugar, black pepper, or cayenne pepper, or by baking it on a cookie sheet in the oven! Here’s a great article on how to make perfect bacon in the oven if it’s your first¬†time.¬†

Walden Hill Eggs and Bacorn Breakfast

Whether eaten with eggs for breakfast or on a sandwich for lunch, Bacorn is delicious! We hope you are as excited as we are that it is finally here. Enjoy!

Acorn Pork Bacorn BLT